Two Vietnamese human rights lawyers in Court of appeals in Vietnam

Posted on November 18, 2007


Thu Hien – Xuan Nhi

According to Radio Free Asia (RFA), the Government of Communist Vietnam going to judge a case in Ha Noi’s people court on Nov.27 2007 concerning to Lawyer Nguyen Van Dai & Lawyer Le Thi Cong Nhan as victimized Defendants. Meanwhile, worldly Security Magazine’s issuing The US Commission On International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) has visited Lawyer Le Thi Cong Nhan in the prison where are ornamental with unusual Fans , Air-Conditioners and Floral Pots .

In the same Magazine, issued Oct.31-2007, Nguyen Nhu Phong, Colonel of Security, has written with his intrigue as hilarious mockery with dirty style of writing “Both Lawyers Dai & Nhan are living in the prison they got fuller enough than when they were outside”. As so writing, Mrs. Dai, maid name Vu Minh Khanh went angry, she has written her polemic for reaction spread through the Internet news sites and blogs as to wake him up to his fact .

The reactive polemic of Mrs. Dai aims to be widely issuing to the readers from both sides Vietnamese & Americans in order to correct what was violated by Communist Government of Vietnam with its intention to insult The US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) with such the bad words. In addition, they had clearly violated the Freedom of Religion in Vietnam as aiming at the intrigue of destroying the increased Diplomatically Relationship between Vietnamese & American Governments.

To unveil a conspiracy of this time, their target is to ignite those who go against among members of Committee as profiting when they were activists of Religious Movement for Country Damage. The Committee has taken for years the advantage of the word Independent for wrong news transmission & slandering Religious Movement of Vietnam.

As so far, Committee’s activities couldn’t show their voluntary as good will requested from some members to go against the policies of both Vietnam and America, and to disclose the conspiracy to profit Religion & Human rights to destroy beautiful Relationship between Vietnam and the U.S, to insinuate the Americans who were main culprits to make war that the consequence couldn’t be restored.

The Vietnamese “Worldly Security Magazine”, one of the Magazines which are representatives of Communist Government of Vietnam, has used bad words from dirty style of writing to insult the delegation of US Commission on International Religious Freedom.  This written paper of a true topic has been passed by the censor and sent to American Embassy of Hanoi in order to transmit it to all of the members of the Religious Committee as well as U.S Congress.

The Government of the United States of America has well known the Communist of Vietnam who was not to be trusted, “When meeting joyfully shaking hand, when behind one’s back throw the blame on us.”

As above speaking the news to judge to appeal cases in Court concerning both Lawyers Dai & Nhan on Nov. 27th-2007 in Hanoi, as normally two weeks before the judgment of any Court with serious crimes, the Communist Government of Vietnam will expand the use of mass media, communication and culture to propagate fascist propaganda to insult the Dependents.

The People in Vietnam may have their result ahead of the judgment when listening to the radio or reading the News Papers, it won’t be necessary to wait for the judgment day.